“🙏🏾 You are Magic!! And the only one who has ever been able to capture me in pics in a way that feels good. Thank you. Your pics have definitely elevated my business and I am so grateful ❤️” -AMANDA DAVID -FOUNDER OF THE INCREDIBLE ROOTWORK HERBALS

“AUTUMN!! AMAZING SHOTS!!! You really captured the essence of me and what I am capable of portraying in so many! You are a very talented lady & thanks for letting me be me! ALL LOVE!” ——-> fast forward 1 week ——> “AUTUMN! My meeting at Paradigm went really well today. The pic I chose was perfect. A Great Commercial Shot for a Commercial Heavy Agency!! I can’t thank you enough for your expertise and hard work in going with the flow and making it all happen. It’s so hard to narrow down the rest! There are so many great ones!! …” - REENA SHAH - Actress, Comedian, V/O Artist, Dancer, Rocker, Magic

'Obsessed! Thank you!! I love all of these!!!!!'  - RISA SARACHAN - FORBES WRITER, ACTRESS, AND COMEDIENNE

"Hi Autumn! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been getting so many compliments on my headshots from casting directors, and questions about who took them for me, so I’ve been spreading your name around. Thank you so much for the beauuuuutiful pictures!!! I am so grateful for everything! ❤️ I hope you’re well!"  - MEG HALCOVAGE - ACTRESS, SINGER, COMEDIENNE

“Oh my goodness I have so much to say. I am so blown away by these photos. I feel so grateful for them and for your eye and your gift and how you were/are able to see me. It’s such a gift to feel so seen in my essence. It’s one thing  for someone to be able to see the lines or angles that look good but you are able to capture so much more than that. These are my favorite photos that I’ve had taken of me- really. Thank youuuu. 🙏💕” KATIE SEREIKA - ACTRESS, MODEL, YOGI


"Within 4 days of having the pics - I got 3 selftape and 2 auditions for theatre!! Thank you so much I’m so grateful. You really make the difference ❤️😘"  -MIMO MAGRI - ACTRESS, SINGER, MODEL  

“Oh. My. Goodness. YES!!!!! I was honestly so speechless seeing them I needed time to respond because HOLY SH*T ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!??! I’m beyond blown away by how they turned out - I’m insanely in love with them. They’re unbelievable - honestly even more incredible than I could have ever dreamed of. You are a talented visionary beyond measure. The setting, the way the light hits, the movement of the fabric. Oh my gosh I’m absolutely obsessed!  I’ll stop blowing up your phone but thank you from the bottom of my heart! When I’m feeling down or not my best self I’m going to look at these, they seriously make me feel so energized and empowered I mean it!” -EMILY PRIEBE - Event Producer, Travel Specialist, Fundraiser, Ever-Smiling Glowing Goddess

“Autumn is truly an actors photographer, she makes every shot count and put me at ease in those moments where you feel like you don’t know what you are doing. It was almost impossible to pick a shot as there were hundreds that were perfect!!! I can’t recommend Autumn enough, you’ll come away from a session wondering why you had waited this long to shoot with her!”  -SIMON PEARL -ACTOR, PRODUCER, DIRECTOR

"Autumn brings out the best in her subjects, making them feel comfortable enough to let their light burst out of them and into their portrait.  She also has the technical prowess to capture that light on camera in a masterful and beautiful way."  -JAMES MANZELLO - ACTOR, COMEDIAN, DIRECTOR (OF HANDSOME DANCER FAME)

“You’re seriously the best I’ve ever worked with, and the next time we’re in the same state, I’m snagging you for updated headshots. You’ve spoiled me for anyone else! Your work is incredible and people need to be seen the way you see them. It’s a huge service you’re offering the world.” -KAITLYN GUAY - FANTASY NOVELIST, JEWELRY DESIGNER, SONGSTRESS, HUMANISTIC EDUCATOR

“After spending months searching for a photographer to get new headshots taken, I stumbled across Autumn’s services through a colleague. The entire process, from our first email conversation to the day I received all my photos, was truly magical. Autumn has a way of pulling out your inner goddess, and to this I am grateful because everything I wanted for my headshots was made into a reality. She took more time than initially advertised to set up different shots, backdrops and poses. I am truly grateful to have met her and to have worked with her to design my vision.” -MARIAM ABDALLAH - MULTIMEDIA JOURNALIST, TRUTH SEEKER

"I recently had the pleasure of hiring the wonderful Autumn Layne to take my headshots. My pictures came out better than I could have ever imagined - I have never been so excited to hand out a headshot. She is obviously very skilled with the camera, but she brings so much more than technical experience. Working with Autumn is an artistic collaboration rather than a business exchange. She knows how to capture your best and most natural self by catering to your vision while making you feel comfortable and confident. Needless to say, she is a rare talent and joy to work with.  Autumn, thank you thank you thank you for the most wonderful session." - SARAH RICH -ACTRESS, TOTALLY RAD HUMAN

“I could not have been happier with Autumn’s headshot session. She was patient, accommodating and really took time and interest to learn about who I was and what the photos meant for me, before we even started shooting. In making me feel comfortable and familiar she was able to bring out deep, vulnerable, exciting moments that caused me to have more favorite shots than I knew what to do with. Thank you, Autumn!”  - JONAS AMADEUS BARRANCA - ACTOR, STUNTMAN, FITNESS MODEL

“Autumn’s photography manages to capture the very essence of a person’s being. Her love of humanity and nature are evident in every session and shot. She’s marked every chapter title of life for me with photos that I cherish and cause others to ask “Who took that photo?! It’s stunning!” Truly, she’s an artist who goes to great lengths to get the perfect shot from chasing down sunsets to the best direction and feedback a person could ask for in a photo shoot.” JILLIAN ATLAS - AWARD WINNING EDUCATOR, NEW MAMA, LIFE ENTHUSIAST


“Autumn is simply the best! She doesn't just point and shoot, but really works in directing you to capture the many sides of your true self. I was obsessed with my headshots, and there was such a wide range of type and emotion. To say it was hard to choose my favorites would be an understatement. Other than her photography skills, Autumn is a truly kind person, and a joy to work with! She goes above and beyond to make her clients comfortable and happy. It was very chilly the day of our shoot, and in between wardrobe changes she made me hot tea and even helped me curl my hair! I couldn't have asked for a better headshot experience. Thank you Autumn for your amazing work, and for being so awesome!” - AMANDA RODRIGUEZ - ACTRESS EXTRAORDINAIRE


"Autumn is an absolute pleasure to work with and an incredibly gifted photographer. If that wasn't enough, within a week of putting up my new headshots I was getting way more audition requests than I used to!"  - ADAM PETHERBRIDGE - ACTOR, CLOWN (not the scary kind)


“Autumn is incredible!! Not only is she professional and an amazing talent, but her warmth and kind nature made me feel immediately at ease. I also loved that she played my favorite soundtrack during the shoot!! Such a great experience and I am so excited to use my headshots!” -AMANDA BECKER - LAWYER, CLASSICAL SINGER 


"Autumn is such a pleasure to work with, and, as a director to watch work.  There is such a vulnerability, humor and spontaneity in her work." - DAVID ROSS - ACTOR, WRITER, DIRECTOR


"I had a wonderful experience working with Autumn. She took so many amazing shots, that I had a hard time deciding which to use. As a photographer she is patient, kind, and knows how to direct you. She really went above and beyond before, during and after our shoot. I felt like it was equally important to her for me to get a good headshot."  -ACTRESS LAUREL HOPE SEAGREN


"I'm not a "headshot" type of person but Autumn made it feel like the most natural, effortless experience. (I'm the type that gets REAL weird as soon as a camera is in front of me).  I ended up with like 100 shots that were the best photos ever taken of me. If anyone needs headshots, she's your girl."  EDEN CONNELLY TALLARICO - PERSONAL CHEF, EARTH MAMA, HEALTH & LIFE COACH 

"I did my first ever solo photoshoot with Autumn and it was quite a journey. We explored different corners around Soho, and through careful coaching by Autumn, we captured moments that were improvised on the spot. It was so rewarding to look back at the end of the day and see such a wide range of subtle expressions, she discovered angles I didn't know I had! I would recommend Autumn especially to those who like to explore and expand on their self-image, seeing yourself from new perspectives."  -JOEL FRIEDMAN - DJ, MUSICIAN, COMPOSER


"I LOVE THEM!! You'll make A LOT of people happy by taking their headshots!  Thank you!!!"  -VALERY LESSARD - ACTRESS, MODEL, DIRECTOR

‘Thank you so so much, autumn! These photos are FANTASTIC- and I’ve gotten nothing but rave responses from everyone!! It was such a pleasure working with you and Linnea, and I hope I get to work with you again in the future!!” -MICHAELA MARYMOR - ACTRESS, SINGER, DANCER, MODEL

“Autumn was incredible! I had never had any headshots taken before and she made the experience so fun and easy! She encouraged me to really think about who I am and the characters I would like to play and that really helped the process! In the end I had so many beautiful pictures to choose from and I couldn’t be happier with how much they resemble me and who I am trying to portray. Hire her!!!!” - ALYSSA GARLAND - ACTRESS

“With Autumn you get more than just a professional photographer, she goes above and beyond the scope of her practice.  I was new to the talent industry and she not only made me feel comfortable in front of the camera, but was instrumental in tailoring the shoot to suit my career ambitions.” -RICH SALAZAR - ACTOR, MODEL, MOTORCYCLE MAN

When I switched up my look from a high top haircut to a buzz cut, I needed new headshots and through research I came across Autumn. She definitely knows her stuff. Each background complimented the shot, and she knows how to bring the pictures to life. I love my headshots, got three retouched and I’ll be retouching more. It was a great shoot with lots of options. When you’re auditioning back to back that’s how you know you got some good material so a big thank you to Autumn! Would definitely recommend her. -ROGER YAWSON -ACTOR